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ATVs and Three-Wheelers are Prohibited on High Knob

May 01, 2017

 Numerous residents have reported sightings of ATVs on  High Knob roads, which is a covenant violation.  Our covenants spells it out as follows: 


“Three-wheelers and all-terrain vehicles shall not be permitted on roads or property in High Knob.” 

In the past year, particularly during the warm weather season, there have been several close calls on roads in our community.  Safety of our residents is our top priority! Any and all vehicles that are used on the roads in High Knob MUST be registered and tagged with the Department of Motor Vehicles!  This includes any type of lawn equipment, small tractors, and recreational vehicles. Lawn maintenance equipment is allowed on your own property, of course. Please call the Warren County Sheriff’s Office to report any and all violations at 540-635-4128.

Covenants Refresher

March 07, 2017

High Knob Home Owner’s Association, Inc. (HKOAI) is governed by covenants related to each lot.  Buyers should check with the Warren County Courthouse to obtain an accurate copy of the covenant governing your property.  There are some differences, but many regulations apply to all lots.  A paper summary of the general covenant regulations that apply to all properties is available at the HKOAI office or is available on this website  under "Rules and Regulations."  Be sure and check out the details in your covenants if you have questions about any regulation.


For the month of March, we are highlighting the covenant about tree removal on your property.  Clear cutting of trees is prohibited on High Knob.

As written in the covenants, "Trees with a trunk one foot from the ground and a diameter in excess of 5 inches shall not be cut without written approval of HKOAI."


If you have a dead or diseased tree that needs to be removed from your property, please complete the brief “Tree Removal Request” form available at  and submit it via email to, or in person to the HKOAI office.  A representative will come to view the tree issue in a few days after the completed form is submitted by the home owner, and, approval to remove, if warranted, will be granted within a week or so. 


Spring is an excellent time to assess the health of the trees on your property.  But remember to request to remove properly!

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